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I am so grateful to my wonderful clients who have taken the time to put words to their thoughts on our time together.  Thank you! 

... Ava is a sensual Goddess...

“ From the moment I saw Mistress Ava she both put me at ease, and firmly in my place. We had a quick discussion on kinks and interests and then she's in control.


Mistress has a firm grasp on kinks and knows where to be cruel and where to be kind - showing a deep understanding of the kinky human mind. She knows exactly when to step on the accelerator and when to pump the brakes, keeping naughty boys firmly under her spell for the entire session.


In short, Mistress Ava is sensual Goddess, blessed with both the physical and mental attributes to turn men to putty in her hands."


            - From S -

...She is a true seductress...

“Ava's Sensual Massage is like nothing Ive ever experienced!  She has this way of transporting you to another place.


She is a true seductress.  Her beautiful curves drive me wild!  She is smart as a whip and our conversations are always enlightening and full of her infamous dark humour and wit. 

I just love our time together and crave the next visit, it can never come soon enough! ”


               - From T -

...She's all the company you will ever need...

"Ava is the most exquisite woman I've ever had the pleasure in sharing company with. Her embracing warmth, intellect and true values of a woman will have you feening for more!


Such an exotic lady in all diversities


Such a beautiful woman inside and out, she's all the company you'll ever need."


    - From R -

...Your time with Ava is never rushed...

“Are you wanting an incredible experience? Are you wanting to learn about BDSM?  Are you wanting to lean about yourself?  They don't come any more skilled and gorgeous as Ava.


I first met Ava MILF a little over 2 years ago.


I went to Ava to learn more about BDSM, but to be honest I’ve learned more about myself in many different ways and I’m so grateful.


Ava is always so beautifully dressed and fully organised for her sessions. Ava is so amazing to spend time with and your time with Ava is never rushed.  Thank you Ava, I always look forward to our sessions.”

             - From A -

...We are both left very satisfied...

My husband and I have enjoyed Avas company on many occasions. She always makes us both feel relaxed in her company. Her range of sex toys and adventurous fun and sexy nature is always a great way to start an evening.


At the end of the night, we are both left very satisfied, with big smiles, lipstick on my nipples, and longing for the next time.   

            - From D & V -

...Hot is everywhere with Ava...

“ I had been enchanted, for ages, by the thought of Ava - this feisty sexy woman who commanded such respect, and here I was chatting with her just before I was due for a trip to our windy city.

So it seemed eminently sensible to arrange a booking, and then it became obvious an hour just wouldn’t do, so it became an extended booking.

Ava organised us a beautiful little house in the burbs and we stocked it with many delicious and enjoyable things and filled it with the sounds of a couple of people who clicked instantly and celebrated it noisily.


Hot is anywhere with Ava, everywhere, and where you least expect it.


Thank you Ava. It was such a pleasure, is such a pleasure, so good.


This, is what it’s all about.”


       - From S -

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